A Bath social

An exclusive visit to two Landmarks

Our next Young Landmarkers social is on Saturday 15 September 2018 in Bath.

We’ll meet at 4pm outside Elton House, our elegant townhouse on Abbey Street in the heart of Bath. Built from 1699, the original house was enlarged and improved throughout the 18th century, becoming a handsome building occupied by the affluent Georgians who flocked annually to Bath. We’ll enjoy a look around the graceful Elton and then proceed by taxi to our second Landmark – Beckford’s Tower.

Just outside the city centre, on Lansdown Hill, Beckford’s Tower is a markedly different property. Built by the eccentric connoisseur William Beckford from 1825 the rooms are jewel-bright and opulent. We’ll enjoy a glass (or two) of wine in the sumptuous Scarlet Drawing Room, raising a toast to the varied beauty of Bath. We’ll then return to Bath Spa train station by taxi around 7pm.

Hourly trains to Bath Spa run from London Paddington (or London Waterloo). You can find walking directions from Bath Spa train station to Elton House here.

This event is exclusive for members (and their guests) only. Please RSVP to attend.


 Taking time out, together