Young Landmarkers membership

Here's what you get

Exclusive offers

Young Landmarkers membership gives access to a range of exclusive, variable booking offers, all communicated via a monthly email. On selected months, for example, we'll handpick a selection of sumptuous Landmarks and give members 20% off the normal cost. Previous offers have included discounts on Landmarks for the New Year period and the month of August.

Young Landmarkers recieved a 20% discount for Landmarks available for New Year's in 2016


Social events

Members are invited to our two special social events a year, always hosted at inspiring locations - including Landmarks. Further pop-up and collaborative events take place throughout the year and across the country. Previous social events have included a drinks reception at Princelet Streetour Landmark in Spitalfields, and a festive gathering at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel. In addition, there have been invitations to events organised by our friends at the National Maritime Museum and Olypia Art and Antiques Fair. 

A Young Landmarkers social event at Princelet Street in September 2016



All members receive a 'welcome pack' through the post with a complimentary copy of our much-loved 280-page Handbook, containing detailed information on all our special buildings, plus a beautiful Landmark calendar and handy tote bag. On renewing an existing membership, we'll pop a little something in the post again as a thank you.

Complimentary merchandise with your membership


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