Belmont 2018

Booking opportunities for Young Landmarkers

Belmont in Lyme Regis is fully booked until December 2018 - with the exception of a number of dates in January and February 2018, reserved exclusively for Young Landmarkers. 

We will release these dates on Wednesday 30 August. A variety of mid-week and weekend stays will be available, at prices from £333 for two nights (less than £21 per person per night). 

Once released, bookings can be made either online or by ringing our Booking Enquiries team on 01628 825 925. All bookings will be taken on a first come, first served basis, subject to availability. 

In order to secure a booking, you need only pay a deposit of one third of the total cost immediately - so a booking could be secured for as little as £13.88 per person per night. The remaining cost must be paid three months ahead of your arrival date. 

The dates, and respective total booking costs, are:

3 - 5 January (£333, less than £21 per person per night)

5 - 8 January (£944, less than £40pppn)

8 - 12 January (£666, less than £21pppn)

12 - 15 January (£944, less than £40pppn)

15 - 19 January (£666, less than £21pppn)

19 - 22 January (£944, less than £40pppn)

22 - 26 January (£666, less than £21pppn)

26 - 29 January (£944, less than £40pppn)

5 - 9 February (£827, less than £26pppn)

23 - 26 February (£1,066, less than £45pppn)


Terms and conditions

1. You must be a member of Young Landmarkers at both the time of booking and the time of your stay at Belmont

2. You may be asked to provide identification (passport, photo driver's licence etc) when entering Belmont to show you are aged between 18 and 29 years old

3. Only the person booking and paying for the holiday has to be aged 18 to 29. You are able to bring along people who are older or younger to your Landmark stay

4. Any Young Landmarker who books a stay at Belmont will be signing up to our standard Booking Terms & Conditions which contain key points including the intended use of the building, dog accessibility, maximum number of guests, damages and breakages, cancellation policy and arrival and departure times

 5. Any photo taken and tagged as #YoungLandmarkers on social media is eligible to be posted (along with copy) on the Landmark Trust's own social media accounts