2021/22 recipients

Royal Holloway, University of London - Geography, International development
New Inn
"We are a research team investigating Microfinance as a tool of climate adaptation in Cambodia and South India; this stay will particularly benefit the early career postdoctoral scholars, providing space for in-depth discussion and guidance for how to bring together wide-ranging data sets and enable us to meet our goal, to build towards a project report that harnesses the best of academic research to influence policy on climate change finance and adaptation globally."

University of Leeds - School of Media and Communication
Knowle Hill
"The building will be used to further explore our interests related to how immersive and virtual technologies can be used to access, understand and engage with sites of cultural and historical significance. We will use the history, materiality and sensory experience of the Landmark building as a provocation for a series of digital experiments. We will design, prototype and evaluate a range of digital tools that will allow future visitors to appreciate the significance of the Landmark building, and the importance of its preservation, in new ways."

University of Sheffield - Neurosciences
Alton Station

"As a team we perform experimental work in the lab to advance our understanding of neurodegenerative disease at the molecular level, with the hope of developing new treatments for patients. The Futures stay will enable the team, who are entering the final stages of their PhD training, to write up their work - both publications and theses." 

University of Manchester - Art History and Cultural Practices
Shelwick Court
"This group is at the final stages of writing a co-edited book, “Cultural Policy is Local: Understanding Cultural Policy as Situated Practice”. The residential allows senior researchers and early career researchers to physically meet (for the first time in 3 years) to finalise the editorial work and promotional plans for the publication, and develop next steps for this network."

University of Stirling - Biological & Environmental Sciences
Gargunnock House
"We are an interdisciplinary group working at the research-policy interface of land management in the UK (https://www.wren-project.com/). Last year we started a new collaborative project to address the complex issue of restoring degraded ecosystems and inform future policy and practice. This retreat allows us to plan our upcoming field season for 2022, write and submit two scientific journal articles, work on a new grant application, progress several new analyses, and plan our communication strategy."

Newcastle University - School of History, Classics & Archaeology 
Morpeth Castle
"Our current project (Romans on the Tyne) is focused on bringing our region's rich Roman history to all pupils in the Tyneside area for free, through the creation of a host of accessible resources as well as the delivery of engaging workshops. Staying at Morpeth Castle for a dedicated retreat will enable us to focus on project planning and content creation while also exploring - and hopefully being inspired by! - the beautiful landscapes and key sites in and around Hadrian's Wall from a handy base site."

Canterbury Christ Church University - Faculty of Medicine, Health and Social Care
The Old Parsonage
"This stay will allow our university researchers and mental health clinicians gather to plan and write a follow-up study to a scoping project that looked at Covid-19 and its impact on the mental health of children and young people. The restful surroundings and lack of distractions will allows us to delve into the data from the scoping phase, and from there co-create an innovative intervention for testing that will aim to improve mental health services for children and young people."

University of Cambridge - Legal Geography
Field House
"Through a national survey and follow-up interviews with academic and professional geographers, we have collected a novel data set which reveals all the hidden work that geographers are doing: acting as expert witnesses, giving testimony, assisting individuals or groups facing legal challenges, and/or advising those seeking to change the law. The goal of the Landmark stay is to synthesise this data to write a first-of-its-kind report to make visible this work and what is contributes to society. The report will be published by the Royal Geographical Society."

University of Liverpool - Arts & Humanities
Gargunnock House
"Go Higher is an access-level foundation course offered by the University of Liverpool, for students without previous academic qualifications wishing to go on to undergraduate study in the arts and humanities. Our cohort is comprised of mature students from non-traditional backgrounds, many of whom are on low-incomes, who may not have seen higher education as an attainable choice for them in the past. On this study trip we'll examine science and poetry in the long-eighteenth century (principally exploring bioluminescence in Scottish surveys and poetry of Coleridge and Crabbe)."

University of Cambridge - English and Divinity
Wilmington Priory
"On one level, this stay will facilitate focused academic discussion of monastic silence in the medieval period, informed by an additional perspective from Liz Ware, founder of the charitable organisation Silent Space, on the importance of silence in the modern day. Our main (and rather more experimental) aim for the stay, however, is to attempt to recreate the lived experience of monastic silence for the first half of each day, creating a ‘monastic soundscape’ project within the building."