Futures 2019 beneficiaries

Thank you to everyone who applied for a Landmark Futures stay. We are delighted to announce the beneficiaries for 2019.

University of Nottingham – School of English 

Staying at Old Place of Monreith from 13/01/20

A writing retreat for a group of third year PhD students, studying Early-medieval Literature and Languages, entering the write up phase of their research. Time will be used to focus on producing high quality work for their thesis. One student is a historical fiction writer currently writing their fifth novel as a part of their PhD programme and progress will be made on this during the stay.

University of Exeter – Department of Science, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship 

Staying at Silverton Park Stables from 07/02/20

A small group of enthusiastic and committees early career social scientists working to explore the development of gene drive technology to tackle some of today's most pressing global health challenges.

University of Bristol – Centre for Academic Child Health 

Staying at Wortham Manor from 24/02/20

The group staying are the only research team that develops and tests new treatment for children and teenagers with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or ME (CFS/ME). Time will be spent planning the next five years of research and finishing off long lists of research papers for publication.

University of Oxford – Primary Care Health Sciences 

Staying at Goddards from 09/03/20

A hypertension research group from the Nufield Department of Primary Care at the University of Oxford will stay at Goddards to send time developing the next phase of their research, they will plan two new programmes of work around the management of hypertension in frail older populations and during pregnancy as a part of their stay.

University of Cambridge – Earth Sciences 

Staying at Shelwick Court from 16/03/20

PhD and Post-doc scientists, together with Principle Investigators from the University of Cambridge will be using their stay to quantify the data they have collected surrounding atmospheric carbon dioxide and its affects. High impact publication manuscripts will be prepared using the interpretation of this data.

King's College London – Department of English 

Staying at Alton Station from 27/03/20

Work on themes identified in the recently completed 'Scrambled Messages: The Telegraphic Imaginary 1857-1900' project will be carried out. The team of Professors, PhD's and Lecturers will brainstorm a project on the relationship between aesthetics and technology that underpinned the emergence of a new understanding of the 'idyllic' in the 1860s.

University of Sheffield – Centre for International Research on Care, Labour and Equalities (CIRCLE) - Faculty of Social Sciences 

Staying at The White House from 20/04/20

A team of early-career researchers will be using the time to write a full draft article which reflects the barriers and enablers of conducting action-research within systems in care; how these challenges emerged and what strategies have been used to overcome them.

International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) – Water and Heritage 

Staying at Auchinleck House from 01/05/20

A team of post-doc researchers from the Netherlands and the UK will join together to discuss and evaluate the theme 'Water & Heritage for the Future'. Time will be spent developing the roadmap for next steps within the field, the results of which will be presented at a meeting during the Scientific Symposium linked to the 20th General Assembly of ICOMOS in Sydney, October 2020.

Swansea University – College of Science - S4: Swansea University Science for School's Project

Staying at Iron Bridge House from 11/05/20

Academics and early career researchers who run a science outreach programme will join together to discuss/plan the writing of their first guidebook on how to run outreach to increase the diversity in who 'does' science.

University of Edinburgh – Centre for Inflammation Research - Davidson Laboratory 

Staying at Auchinleck House from 19/06/20

PhD and postdoc research trainees from the Davidson Laboratory propose a structured writing retreat to focus on studying new approaches to treat infectious diseases (particularly viral lung infections in infants). Preparation of grant applications and long-term planning will be completed during the stay.

If you are interested in learning more about our Landmark Futures scheme and applying for the next intake, please click here.