2019 beneficiaries

Thank you to everyone who applied for a Landmark Futures stay. We are delighted to announce the beneficiaries for 2019.

University of Oxford – Primary Care Health Sciences

Staying at Goddards from 29/04/19

Interdisciplinary research in health sciences – undertaking “real-world” research to improve health outcomes and relieve suffering. Time will be used to “think outside the box” to develop novel, ambitious and potentially ground-breaking ideas.


University of Exeter – Medical School

Staying at Wortham Manor from 27/08/19

A dementia research conference for primarily PhD students and postdoc researchers, with support from senior academics and external stakeholders.


University of Leeds – School of Biology

Staying at Silverton Park Stables from 21/01/19

PhD, M.A and Post docs coming together to study local fauna (inc. Lundy sparrows). Each student will be required to write one manuscript during the stay which will be submitted to a scientific journal or popular science magazines.


University of Liverpool/University of Stirling – Eighteenth-Century Worlds Research Centre & Centre for Eighteenth-Century Studies

Staying at Auchinleck House from 15/04/19

Bringing together disparate groups from both Universities as part of  a mentoring programme. Postgrads will present work-in-progress papers on themes relevant to the history of the building, its associations and its surroundings.


Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh – Media, Communication and Performing Arts

Staying at No. 2 Shore Cottages from 08/04/19

M.A students coming together to explore the area around Berriedale as relevant to their studies – local cultural organisations in Caithness (Timespan, Northlands Creative etc.) as well as other local studios. This will give the students a fuller understanding of their field of study.


Coventry University – Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations

Staying at Goddards from 17/06/19

Dr E J Milne will be running an academic writing retreat for those studying peace and conflict – researchers will be given dedicated structure writing time to enable them to write sections of their thesis or articles for publication. Costs will be covered by Dr Milne to enable the most financially disadvantaged researchers to participate.


University of Worcester – Archaeology

Staying at Woodspring Priory from 04/03/19

First year research students will be staying and reading a set text on the symbolic meaning of material culture, followed by a series of discussion walks and a writing session on how this applies to their research.


University of Cambridge – Sainsbury Laboratory

Staying at Cavendish Hall from 22/02/19

Interdisciplinary research in plant sciences (providing practical solutions for sustainable food production) – PhD and Postdocs will commit to writing a piece towards their PhD thesis or paper. Scheduled sessions will be held to benefit students on their adjacent research topics, immediate peer feedback and the potential for future collaboration.


Swansea University – Geography

Staying at Llwyn Celyn from 11/02/19

The group who helped us to date Llwyn Celyn using oxygen isotope analysis would stay and prepare a manuscript explaining how LC was dated. They will also take time to consider how they can develop the dating method and make it more widely available.


University of Oxford – Faculty of Oriental Studies

Staying at floors 1 & 2 of Egyptian House from 10/05/19

Postdoc research writing retreat anchored in the building. Discussions on problems related to the development of Egyptology in the West and help to understand more clearly how Egyptology came into being as an academic discipline in Nineteenth Century Europe.