Young Landmarkers

A new scheme for young people to share the fulfilment that Landmark can bring

Like many people, my own first experience of Landmark was staying with a group of friends in my 20s. I have never forgotten the thrill when we all spilled out of the borrowed Vauxhall Astra at Croscombe, Somerset, and heaved open the Old Hall’s huge medieval door. We want to ensure that fresh initiates join the tribe of Landmark enthusiasts. This lies behind our Young Landmarkers scheme, designed to enable more people in their 20s to experience the joys of Landmark and to share it with one another.

For £25 per year, members receive access to exclusive booking offers, complimentary Landmark merchandise and invitations to social events, which have so far included an event at 13 Princelet Street, our elegant early 18th-century building in Spitalfields and a festive drinks gathering at the St Pancras Hotel, London.

We’ve had a promising response to Young Landmarkers and are excited to see membership numbers grow. There are more details, including how to purchase membershipfor yourself or as a gift, in the Get Involved section of our website.

If you don’t qualify as a Young Landmarker, why not deepen your involvement with Landmark and receive priority booking opportunities by joining the Friends scheme? Find out more in the Support us section of our website.